Turning passion into business with Sun Peaks Soap Works

Sun Peaks SoapWhen Karen Kilba injured her back, she found herself unable to work and with plenty of time on her hands — looking for a way to pass the time, Kilba decided to give soap making a try.

“I enjoyed it so much it grew into a business idea. I started working with a program that teaches people to be self-employed, and now I have Sun Peaks Soap Works.”

Kilba attended several markets over the past year, including the Winter Arts Market in Sun Peaks, which she said was a huge success.

“After that, I met with Sonia (Donaldson, owner of Sun Peaks Spa Express), and she was excited about it and wanted to stock my soap.”

Kilba said she makes the soap at home, using all natural ingredients, like vegetable oils, beeswax, ground oats, and kaolin clay.

“I’ve had problems with allergies, and it’s really important to me what I put on my skin and what was getting absorbed into my body.

“Most commercially produced soap bars contain ingredients that aren’t necessarily healthy for your skin, like lathering agents, artificial additives and preservatives.”

You won’t find anything artificial in Kilba’s soaps. Beeswax acts as a natural preservative; vegetable oils are used to create glycerin, a natural moisturizer; kaolin clay and activated charcoal help to exfoliate and remove toxins from the skin; and essential oils give the soaps a light scent.

“The natural moisturizing properties allow your skin to remain hydrated for hours after use, and it’s much better for you.”

Kilba said there were many different ways to make soap, and she’s still experimenting to come up with new formulas.

“It’s a process similar to baking. Different oils have different properties, like they may create more of a lather. It’s a lot of fun coming up with different formulas.”

As well as the soaps, Kilba has a range of bath bombs, bath sprinkles and lip balms. She’s also developed a bar just for men: “It’s for men who work with their hands all day. It helps to keep them from being overworked and drying out and cracking.”

You can find Sun Peaks Soap Works at the Sun Peaks Spa Express, at The Art We Are café in Kamloops, or check them out on Facebook.