Update: all three missing skiers found, Sun Peaks

SunPeaksGilsOn Friday, December 27, Kamloops Search and Rescue were called out to Sun Peaks to head up searches for 3 missing skiers.

Two female skiers ages 17 and 21, who had gone beyond the ski boundary area, were found late last night at around midnight.

The girls were “cold but all OK and they spent the night with their families,” says Christopher Nicolson, president of Tourism Sun Peaks.

A third rider was also reported missing yesterday afternoon, with no connection to the two other skiers. The woman, who had also ventured past the ski boundary with a companion, got separated and did not make it back to the cat track.  Kamloops Search and Rescue had some limited text messaging contact with her which assisted in narrowing the search area slightly.

“She had heard the snowmobiles, which guided the search into the Northeast Gils area,” says Nicolson.

She has been found this morning and the search has been concluded.

“The people that got rescued owe a huge debt of thanks to the searchers and the families of those searchers,” says Nicolson. “The search and rescue squad is a volunteer organization, they are the hero’s of this and need to be recognized.”

This incident comes on the heels of three boys who were rescued earlier in the week after being missing in the Sun Peaks back country.

“It’s unfortunate that people choose to go over and beyond the boundaries and force this kind of situation,” says Nicolson.

This time of year it is crucial to be prepared and have the appropriate knowledge of the ski hill before venturing anywhere beyond the ski boundaries.






  1. Every season it’s the same story, however six already this season, the back-country at Sun Peaks always looks so inviting and easy to access, just a short walk out to the Gills, next time we’ll go just a little bit further those six turns are so inviting….

  2. It would be a good idea, if people who ski out of bounds would take the full responsibility for their “special trip”. This special trip might cause “special costs”.

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