Village projects ready for use

The trail has been well received by staff walking to the village. Photo Jean Strong.
The trail has been well received by staff walking to the village. Photo Jean Strong.

As guests make their way to Sun Peaks for a new season, they will have the chance to experience two new additions to the area.

A new section of the village trail leading from staff accommodation near the base of the Burfield chairlift to the previous trail head at the entrance to Parking Lot 2 will provide pedestrians and bikers with a safer and more convenient route.

While lights and drainage still need to be added, Sun Peaks Mayor Al Raine was excited that work is complete on the path.

“Of everything we’ve done, I’m most thrilled to drive home and see groups of people walking on that trail,” said Raine. “Just to see people walking on that trail is absolutely wonderful.”
Concerns around safety of those walking on the road, especially staff members, was voiced in the community for years before the trail was added.

“It was only a matter of time before someone would get seriously injured,” Raine said.
Daniel Wilden, a resident of Sun Peaks, thought the trail has made the commute to the village safer and easier and sees people choosing to walk on the trail rather than the road.

“I didn’t use the road to begin with but I imagine it’s much better this way,” Wilden said. “It’s much safer obviously, it’s good.”

A new refrigerated ice rink will also be ready to greet skaters by Christmas. Construction is complete on the site beside the swimming pool. Until plans to cover and enclose the rink are started in a few years the rink will be open but have boards, refrigerated ice, lights and a Zamboni.

Pricing and schedule for skaters is not yet finalized but Raine expected an annual pass option as well as plenty of time for public skating.

The rink will be operated in co-operation with Sun Peaks Resort LLP who operated the original outdoor rink in the East Village.

Raine said it was a relief to see the rink so close to completion and he believes it will be popular with residents and visitors.

“I think we will have a lot of people dusting off their skates,” Raine said.