White just off Daytona finals

White finished his season in Daytona on Feb. 16. File Photo.

Less than a quarter of a second, exactly four miles per hour, separated Jason White from his dream of racing in the Gander Outdoor Truck Series on Feb. 16. White, a Sun Peaks local and a professional driver had to beat out six other drivers to qualify for the race.

“We were second out of 39 trucks (to run in the qualifier), so I sat there for probably an hour and a bit just waiting truck after truck to go and we missed it by one spot, so that was a really tough pill to swallow,” he stated.

Having just raced in the Automobile Racing Club of America’s (ARCA) Mendards Series Feb. 9, White and his team, Reaume Brothers Racing, were in Daytona, FL working to make his truck more aerodynamic the day before the qualifying runs.

“We kinda knew right away we didn’t have it that we needed to gain. It wasn’t tenths of seconds we had to gain we had to gain seconds which at that point in the game is pretty tough,” said White.

Not able to make up the speed White said it was a very dejecting position to be in.

“We hit every goal for the last five weeks, and that one just knocked us right back down to our knees.”

Watching his teammate Josh Reaume move from 39th to a sixth-place finish, White felt his plan to stay at the back and avoid any wreckage during the race would have worked in his favour.

“The race ended up being exactly what we planned. We knew it was going to be a lot of attrition we knew there was going to be a lot of wrecking a lot of trucks having problems a lot of drivers driving over their head,” he said.

“After watching that I was like ‘oh there was my chance’ probably would have been in the top 10 no problem.”

Humbled by the experience of racing at the Daytona International Speedway Racin’ Jason is already thinking ahead to next season as he plans to push for 100 career races.

This season he was proudly sponsored YourGMCTruckStore.com, Zimmer Wheaton GMC and Powder Ventures Excavating.