Whitecroft fire protection – prepare to cast your vote

firetruckThe time is approaching for Whitecroft homeowners to make a choice.

The plausibility of Whitecroft partnering with Sun Peaks Municipality for fire protection has been underway for almost a year now, but it was the August 8 house fire which destroyed one Whitecroft residence that really brought the discussion to the fore.

Ron Storie, manager of community services for the Thompson-Nicola Regional District (TNRD), confirms the meeting to address the details of the fire protection proposal will take place on April 2, 2014 at 7 p.m. in the Alpine Room of the Delta Sun Peaks Resort.

“We encourage people to attend to hear the information, ask questions and then make an informed decision,” says Storie.

Presenters at the meeting will address the history, service area, scope of service and risk, service structure, tax impacts, and the approval process and timing related to the proposal.

“It’s really important that the residents of Whitecroft make this decision. This type of decision requires everybody to do a little bit of research and strengthen their opinion about whether they would like a service like this or not,” says John Sternig, area P representative for the TNRD.

Prior to the public meeting, Helen Jones, president of the Whitecroft Community Association, urges homeowners to phone their home insurance providers and ask what their premiums would be if they were a “3A fire protected property.” With that information they will be able to compare their present property tax and insurance rate total with tax and insurance rates adjusted for fire coverage.

“The costs with the Heffley Creek/Whitecroft volunteer fire service (that was proposed in 2011) were significantly different than with this one,” says Sternig. “On a per capita, or per average household basis, this service will cost far less than the proposed Heffley Creek/Whitecroft service and that’s because the capital is already established – the fire hall is already there, the fire trucks are already there, the equipment is already there. There are no start-up costs.”

More information in regard to the meeting details will be made available from the TNRD.