Whitecroft property centre of friction between owner and TNRD

As of Feb. 26 the RV and surrounding structures remain on the property. SPIN Photo.

Bob Vujicic had big plans for his six acre property in Whitecroft, B.C. he purchased over one year ago, from building his home to a bed and breakfast and microbrewery, winery or cidery. It’s located approximately 7 kilometres west of Sun Peaks.

Those plans have been stalled by clashes between Vujicic and the Thompson Nicola Regional District (TNRD) who have responded to complaints and bylaw violations and issued several fines since October 2017.

Freedom of Information requests submitted to the TNRD by SPIN revealed David Nelmes, TNRD bylaw property co-ordinator, first attended the property Oct. 10, 2017 after receiving a complaint.

Nelmes found an unlawful RV and a deck and shed-like structure being constructed which is also not permitted without a building permit. A person on the property stated plans were in place for a medical marijuana facility and agreed to remove the RV immediately. A notice letter was sent to Vujcic.

Through October Nelmes attended the property multiple times and spoke with the owner. On Oct. 20 he received complaints of sewage disposal into the creek running through the lot. Those complaints were investigated by provincial health inspectors who found no evidence of violations.

By Oct. 30 the RV remained parked on the lot occupied and with power. The area was fenced or blocked by bush and a partial structure stood covered with tarps, still without building permits.

The temporary structures were removed by November but the license plates and battery were removed from the RV. It remained on the lot as of Feb. 20, 2018.

In correspondence with Nelmes, Vujicic expressed frustration. He stated the locks to the RV froze and he was concerned about liability on the property. In December he wrote a mobile mechanic would attend the property in the new year to help with removing the RV.

In an email to SPIN Vujicic said he is faced with a number of issues including liability of those trespassing on his property and accessing a road which predated his ownership. He did not respond to questions regarding his plans to remove the RV.

In October Vujicic wrote a letter to Nelmes stating an average of 50 people were seen trespassing daily by undercover security on the property. He added they planned to have security on site and to have anyone walking across the property sign a waiver and receive a permit.

He also explained an issue with a road that has been on the property since before he bought it.

“Second very similar issue, is (the) road at the back of the property that was (built) through my land without permission and it is not registered,  so basically is my private road and in the case of accident on that stretch of road that belong to me I may be (held) liable.”

Vujicic said there are also many vehicles that use his land as a pull out because it’s on a straight piece of road.