Why I’m “heaps stoked” about Lou Gramm: The Voice of Foreigner

Lou GrammSun Peaks Resort and Tourism Sun Peaks have just announced the opening act for their Summer Concert Series, and I’m pretty excited — or as us Aussies like to say, I’m “heaps stoked” — for a whole bundle of reasons.

Saturday, July 4, is the first real Saturday of summer in Sun Peaks.

Back in Australia, summer seems to last most of the year, but having lived in Canada for a while now, I understand all too well just how short the summer season is.

This week’s hot weather and recent snow have me very confused about how the seasons work in Canada though… but that taste of warm weather and summer feels has gotten me very excited for mountain biking, hiking, and maybe even a few rounds of golf.

But nothing says summer nights quite like live music.

So getting to kick off the first real weekend of summer with some sweet tunes on a warm evening as the sun sets, well that alone is cause for excitement.

But when that live music is Lou Gramm: The Voice of Foreigner, well, consider me well and truly stoked.

Foreigner is one of the classic rock bands of our times. They aren’t just big in their hometown of New York, New York, but everywhere. Canada, Australia, the UK. You name it, Foreigner has probably played there and rocked there. And we get to see one of the best things about Foreigner, lead vocalist Lou Gramm, for free!

He’s a member of the Songwriters Hall of Fame, and he once rocked out on stage so hard he tore his ACL.

When’s the last time you heard a Canadian band do that?

Take note Tokyo Police Club, next time you come to Sun Peaks, you’d better be prepared to at least sprain an ankle!

Oh, and apparently he also does a sweet cover of The Beatles You Can’t Do That.

And if you’re not the least bit excited about hearing I Want to Know What Love Is, live, in Sun Peaks, on a warm summer evening as the sun goes down and the stars come out and there’s a pretty girl, or boy, or bottle of wine by your side . . . well I feel a little bit sorry for you. Because that song is a damn classic.

Another reason I’m pumped about Gramm playing is that he’s going to attract a different crowd than last year’s concerts. Yeah Dan Mangan was good, and Arkells and Hey Ocean! are pretty great bands, but they don’t have the broad appeal of a rocker who’s been doing this for the past 40 years. He may not be a hot up-and-coming artist, but he’s someone that the whole family can, and most likely, will enjoy.

The crowd who came for the concerts last year will probably come along as well, but a bigger name will bring a more inclusive, and a bigger, crowd. That’s good for the concert’s vibe, and it’s good for the businesses and hotels up here too.

Bringing a new crowd is also good for me. On the slim, slim chance I don’t already have a cute date lined up to enjoy the concerts with, maybe I’ll meet one. The Summer Concert Series was very good to me last year in that regard.

Some of my favourite memories growing up were at a concert held in my hometown known as Oz Rock. While my parents drank and enjoyed the music, my buddies and I would run around on the grass, dancing to the music, getting our photos taken for the local paper, having a picnic for dinner, and then falling asleep in the back of the car or in my parents arms on the way home.

These days I’m on the other end of the camera, taking the photos of those families. And I’m probably a bit big to be carried to bed by my parents after a big day out. But live music and summer concerts will always have a special place in my heart. So on Saturday, July 4, you’ll find me out on the hill, enjoying Lou Gramm and Foreigner and all the fun that live music brings.

For more information on the Summer Concert Series, check out the Sun Peaks Resort webpage.