Word of mouth is king

Publisher's Note
Publisher’s Note

Now that the white of winter has given way to the green of spring, it’s only a matter of time before fun in the summer sun at Sun Peaks begins. And, unlike some of our resort brethren in the B.C. Interior, summertime at Sun Peaks is vibrant, full of life and filled with things to do.

Golfing, biking, fishing, music, art, farmers’ markets, food and drink, festivals, paddle boarding, waterskiing — the list of things to do during the summer goes on and on.

While those who market Sun Peaks to the rest of globe do their best to put us on the “must visit” map both winter and summer, sometimes it’s grassroots marketing that can make the difference. Even with extensive marketing campaigns in many local and regional markets, Sun Peaks residents travelling in those markets still often hear, “Where’s Sun Peaks? I’ve never heard of it.”

Sun Peaks is today where Whistler was in the late 1980s. They had a vibrant village, a golf course, pristine lakes and great hiking but still very few people visiting in the summer months. So what changed in Whistler that led to their summer traffic outpacing their winter traffic? Simply put: word of mouth. Once the Vancouver crowd realized what a jewel the Whistler Valley was during the summer months they started to come long after the snow was gone. Word travels fast when people are having fun and all one needs to do is go to Whistler on any hot summer day and see the crowds. Yes it took 20 or more years, but look at them now.

While Sun Peaks will never be a Whistler, and I think we’re all thankful for that in many aspects, we still have a long way to go and this is where you come into the picture.

Generally, people will travel to where their friends have been, where they’ve had fun. Word of mouth is huge when people pick their holiday destinations — so time to open our mouths folks.

If every resident, worker and reader of SPIN was to tell two, three or four friends about the great summer experiences to be had at Sun Peaks and invite them up to experience what you already know, we’d have several thousand more potential visitors to our great town this summer.

Whether your friends or family are planning a reunion, a boys’ golf trip, a family camp out or a lavish wedding it’s up to all of us to plant the Sun Peaks “summer fun” seed and spread the word. Open your home, talk to your friends or even invite the in-laws, because the more people who experience the great things Sun Peaks has to offer during the summer months the sooner we’ll be able to truly call Sun Peaks a bustling year round resort community.