Yellow-tinged water no cause for concern

Residents of Fairways Dr. and Burfield Dr. experiencing yellow-tinged water can safely consume and use their water without worry.

According to Pat Miller, Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Municipality’s public works manager, the change in colour is due to minerals stirred up from the pipes last night.

“The fire department stirred up iron and manganese during their practice last night,” Miller said. “It’s normally occurring, and it’s not harmful. We are doing additional testing to make sure but all reports are close to where the fire department flushed.”

She explained when hydrants are used the pressure stirs up sediment that has settled at the bottom and joints of pipes.

“If you run your highest tap (in the house) for a few minutes it will flush…maybe don’t do a load of white laundry.”

Miller added regularly scheduled hydrant flushing will also take place next month.

Anyone with concerns can contact the municipality at 250 578 2020 and staff are available to visit homes, sample water and return test results within 24 hours.