You can make a difference

Village At NightAs the full-time residents of this mountain town ready themselves with their annual pre-winter tasks, there are scores of young men and women around the globe anxiously anticipating a winter season ahead at Sun Peaks, living far away from home, school and mom and dad. Kind of like their first day at grade school, for these new “locals” it can be exciting but scary. New country, new job, new friends, different cultures and the list goes on.

While the term “local” used to mean that you lived here year-round, it seems to have now become an ambiguous term for anyone that lives here for longer than a standard two week holiday. While personally I don’t care who calls themselves a Sun Peaks local or not, I do care about how the locals act while they live here.

Sun Peaks was built to attract tourists and guests from around the globe to come and enjoy the fantastic amenities and outdoor activities we have in our backyard, thanks to the Master Development Plan set forth by Sun Peaks Resort Corporation many years ago. Without that vision and the tourists spending their hard earned vacation dollars in Sun Peaks, none of us would have jobs, a pay cheque, a place to live or any other reason to be here.

Sun Peaks locals are well known for their friendliness because they go out of their way to greet all guests with a smile and offer a helping hand even when it’s not their job. They make sure they know the what, where and why of every aspect of this community they now call home and they share that knowledge with anyone that needs it.

Locals don’t litter the streets, runs or chairlifts, they pick up litter because it’s the right thing to do and last but certainly not least, locals never walk on the Sun Peaks Road at any time because it might be the last thing they ever do. If you wouldn’t walk on a pitch black, snowy, icy or dangerous road at home, why would you do it here?

The Valley Trail is lit, groomed and safe from cars, and from the staff housing takes five more minutes to the village. Five more minutes out of your day won’t kill you, but walking on Sun Peaks Road might.

Whether you’re new to town, an employer hiring new staff or a long-time resident, inform yourself about what’s happening on a day-to-day basis in the resort.

Share a copy SPIN with a tourist, make all your new employees study the annual Visitor’s Guide or simply walk through the village and talk to all the shop owners about their services and wares.

Get settled, get informed and make a positive difference to someone’s day. Living in Sun Peaks is a privilege and it’s all thanks to the guests that come back year after year. Enjoy your stay, however long that may be and have fun, but if you’re going to call yourself a Sun Peaks local, then please act like one.