Younger voices add depth to community discussions

I get it, it was a Saturday afternoon. Many of you were working one of your two or three jobs that get you through the season. Or maybe you actually had a day off to shred and après with friends and family alongside the guests. Or maybe you just need some time to chill on your couch. After a busy holiday season many folks need all the rest they can get.
We all have lives to live and should be able to choose how we spend our limited free time without feeling guilty.

But I was a little disappointed to look around the room at the municipal info session over the weekend and see I was one of only a handful of people under the age of retirement, and most were employees who had a specific reason to be there. With the discussion involving a new housing authority to help out staff and young families, it was especially pertinent info for the missing demographic.

Maybe you don’t have to be there. Maybe you rely on your awesome local press to get you the info or maybe you feel you wouldn’t understand the issues even if you went. I get that too.

But I feel the more future residents get involved the better off the community as a whole will be, and the proposed solutions to the challenges we face and the discussions surrounding them will be richer.

Even if you can’t be there in person, I’m encouraging you to get involved in some capacity, whether it’s emailing council with your ideas, writing a letter to the editor if you disagree with something, or just talking to your peers about it.

And if you do show up at a meeting, you might not hate it. Sometimes they have cookies.




  1. -Planning for work housing and accommodations should be a top priority for the younger crowd as it reflects on how one views the resort site as a place for all those whom come from far away to _view_ the area as important for the seasonal worker. In essence: what you ‘don’t got’ you only miss when you need it…and one knows for sure that housing levels in a resort would keep people interested in coming back and spreading the word about the ability to ‘graduate’ from the closet style stay(ing) into some pretty fancy digs along the way…
    (And:) It increases one’s mingling with the levels of people whom one comes in contact globally…_if_ ya got the right pad to hang; to share and throw a couple a good dinner feast in! -Which, of course you can’t do in closet like accommodations!

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