Youth CrossFit program doubles in second year

Black Beaver Crossfit has expanded their programs to help Sun Peaks youth be active.
Black Beaver Crossfit has expanded their programs to help Sun Peaks youth be active.

Black Beaver CrossFit is building upon their youth program as they enter the second year of operating their gym in Sun Peaks.

The local gym, located in the Kookaburra Lodge, has launched a weekly program for kids aged 10 and up to add to the existing tri-weekly program for those aged 13 and up. The fitness program, known as CrossFit Teens, started last year and has doubled with eight kids participating this year.

“I wanted to introduce a fitness program where kids who were athletes were able to improve their performance in sport and decrease their risk of injuries, and more importantly, kids who weren’t mountain biking and skiing and stuff had a way to then learn to develop a love of fitness by having fun with a program that’s going to teach them new skills and give them confidence to be able to create a fitness habit at a younger age,” said co-owner Hamish Charlton.

The kids’ workouts are similar to the regular adult classes, although Charlton said he makes modifications to cater to the abilities based on the individual and to have more of a focus on
having fun.

“It’s kind of having a bit more fun with it,” Charlton said. “I’ll definitely be modifying weight. I won’t be modifying the exercises as much, I’ll still be teaching the movements, but I won’t be expecting the intensity as I would expect in an adult class.”

For example, Charlton said, younger kids will use little or no weight for an exercise, but they will learn proper technique to better develop their motor skills and help to prevent injuries.

“CrossFit is meant to be broad and all-inclusive so everyone can do everything in a CrossFit workout, it’s just the intensity differs and you scale accordingly to whatever kids
I have.”

Another new aspect this year is the scheduling of the youth program. In addition to opening the Monday workouts to a younger age group, Charlton said the program will run parallel to the school calendar on a semester system. The program began early in the fall and will run until December before taking a break at Christmas.

“Through the semester I can have target things to work on each school term and then they can have a bit of a rest and then they come back for the next term,” Charlton said.