2020’s top stories according to our readers

 | December 28, 2020

As we near the end of the year, here’s a look back on some of our most-read coverage. Here are our top 5 articles categorized as most popular according to our readers.

1 – 14 year old boy missing in Sun Peaks

. Photo SPIN.

When a 14-year-old skier spent a chilly night lost on the mountain in February, our readers shared the initial report of his disappearance on their social channels hoping to help in the search for the missing boy. He was thankfully located after a massive effort by multiple search and rescue organizations.

2 – Patient tests positive for COVID-19 in Sun Peaks

File photo.

Sun Peaks’ first official positive test of COVID-19 in March was expected but still shocking news to many in the community, bringing home the reality of the pandemic. After the initial announcement and notifying patients , the Sun Peaks Medical center told the general community it was a doctor at their clinic who had tested positive


3 – Two years of searching

Heather Shtuka searches for her son in Sun Peaks. Photo Alan McVicar, Past 11 Productions

In February, two years after the disappearance of Ryan Shtuka, his mother Heather reflected on their ongoing search for their son in Sun Peaks. Still one of the most emotional stories we’ve covered, editor Jean Strong shared more about this “beautiful interview” when recently featured on episode four of the Podcast for the Missing

4 – Resident speaks out about contracting COVID-19

Christy at home in Sun Peaks. Photo supplied

In late July, a resident shared her story of testing positive for COVID-19 to help clarify rumors in the community and combat the stigma of contracting the virus. After sharing her experience with SPIN, she was featured by Interior Health in a series of public health videos

5 – Report paints bleak picture of housing in Sun Peaks

Using a recent report on housing as a backbone for this in-depth piece, editor Jean Strong  brought together the complicated, and oftentimes conflicting, variables contributing to the ongoing housing crisis in Sun Peaks.