500 new acres ready for opening day

Morrisey runsSkiers and boarders will have access to over 500 acres of new skiable terrain come opening day on November 22, bumping Sun Peaks up to become Canada’s second largest ski resort, right behind Whistler-Blackcomb.

An area expansion over the summer season has seen the ski-area boundary on Tod Mountain altered to include the Gil’s area, the west side of Mt. Morrisey will also feature new runs.

Jamie Tattersfield, mountain operations manager for Sun Peaks Resort Corporation (SPRC) said the new skiing zones were well on track for opening day.

“We’re quite happy with our progress this summer. The crew working there have been doing very well for us,” Tattersfield said.

Residents will have likely noticed the appearance of new runs on West Morrisey. Tattersfield said the run closest to Back in Time, currently referred to as Run G was above halfway to completion.

“The logging has been completed and we’re just doing the final grading,” he said.

Between Run G and Static Cling are two other runs, known as B and C. While B and C won’t be fully complete in time for this season, the upper parts of these runs will link to Static Cling to provide further new runs on West Morrisey.

Although no new names had been settled on for the new runs, Tattersfield said they were considering continuing with the laundromat theme.

Over on Tod Mountain, the ski area boundary has been completely restated from the top of the West Bowl T-bar, through the top of Skunk and down the run line known as Offset.

Tattersfield said the new boundary was well defined. “It’ll be almost impossible for anyone skiing that zone to miss the last chance back,” he said. “On the other hand, it’ll also give a very good indication to our friends on snowmobiles that they aren’t welcome beyond that line.”

Local skiers and boarders have been vocal in their enthusiasm for the new runs. Long-time snowboarder Jase Petersen said it was “always exciting to have new runs, new lines and new areas to explore.”

“Morrisey is looking good. I can see the developments from my front door. It has great potential to be a last run on my way home,” Petersen said.

Rick Advocaat has been skiing Sun Peaks for the past 14 seasons, and shared Petersen’s enthusiasm.

“I’m excited to ski the new runs. I was skiing here since before the Morrisey lift opened. It’s great to see some new, steep runs going in,” Advocaat said.

Terrain park development was also continuing, with upgrades to the core lip and landing areas, meaning less snow-making is required before these features can be opened. The large jump known as Nancy has been shifted downhill slightly, allowing for a straighter and smoother approach to the jump.

Nordic skiers will also have new terrain to explore, with the opening of the Whiskey Jack cross-country trail.

Debris burning is set to take place in the first weeks of October. Tattersfield said most of the burning would take place at high elevations, but there may be some smoke around the village during the burning period.

Tattersfield said work was also beginning on a new attraction for the resort next summer, and promised further details in coming weeks.

Learn more about the new ski boundaries on the Sun Peaks Resort web page.