5Forty Longboard Challenge

 | August 3, 2012

With millions of kids practising their sport, or their art as some would say, and spending billions of dollars on it annually, it’s of no surprise that skateboarding is once again at the forefront of popular sport.

Not only are skateboard parks springing up like trees in every community in North America but so are skateboard events.

Leading the list of over 25 longboard downhill events in North America this summer is the Arbor Whistler Longboard Festival July 13 to 15 at the Whistler Sliding Centre.

With many local skaters joining the longboard crowd it was only a matter of time before Sun Peaks hosted an event and Sunday, August 19 is that day. Conceived by local skate enthusiast/salesman and 5Forty Ski-Board-Skate owner Scotty Jansen, the 5Forty Longboard Challenge will pit skaters against each other in timed downhill runs and a best drift category for those willing to risk the rash.

Jansen spent months working with local officials to make sure the event is run in a suitable and safe manner and has minimal impact of vehicle traffic in the resort.

Sponsored by Arbor Skateboards, Dragon, Tourism Sun Peaks, SPIN Newsmagazine, Rip Curl and 5Forty, the Longboard Challenge is offering up over $3,000 in swag prizes and $1,500 in cash prizes. Registration is open in 5Forty Deli in the Fireside Lodge at Sun Peaks or by phone at 250-434-2372. Safety equipment is mandatory for the race.