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A grateful man’s thanks

 | March 27, 2011

On Feb. 16, after a great morning out on the slopes, I suffered a heart attack in Snow Creek Village, my Canadian home for the past six years.
Life, as we know, tends to throw up alarming surprises at times. How I, a fit 57-year-old with no previous health or heart issues, could so suddenly be on the floor in such pain came as a huge surprise.

I wish to publicly thank the Sun Peaks volunteer fire service for their quick response time on that day.

Chief Bill Stoner and Colin Cannon and the rest of the boys who attended to me on that day no doubt saved my life.

Also, a big thank you to John Sharun who drove my wife down to Royal Inland Hospital in his own vehicle. After an air ambulance flight down to St. Paul’s in Vancouver, and a little surgical intervention, I am on the recovery road.

Visitors to Sun Peaks should feel great comfort in the knowledge that we have such a great support system here on the mountain.

Terry McGarry, Sun Peaks, B.C.