Achieving sustainability

 | April 10, 2013

parking lot Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Municipality has begun the process of developing a Social Sustainability Plan (SSP) for Sun Peaks.

The SSP will outline a vision for the future of social aspects of the Sun Peaks community, including recreation and leisure; arts, culture and heritage; education and learning; housing; health; participation and partnerships.

“It’s a way forward,” said Rob Bremner, chief administrative officer for the municipality. “It’s a vision of those things that make Sun Peaks what it is and those things that from a social aspect are required to build that feeling of community.”

The SSP will be used to guide decisions and activities by the municipality within the resort and will form part of the Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP) and support the Economic Sustainability Plan and Environmental/Land Use Plan. The SSP will provide direction for the development of an Official Community Plan (OCP) for Sun Peaks.

It’ll be developed by the municipality in conjunction with the Whistler Centre for Sustainability with input from an advisory committee comprised of municipality staff, council, partner organizations and members of the community.

Bremner said the interest from the community in joining the committee was high.

“We’ve had lots of people put their names forward for the committee. . . . We’re trying to get a broad representation (from the community). There will certainly be lots more opportunity moving forward for participation by the public,” Bremner explained.

The Whistler Centre for Sustainability was chosen because of its high level of experience in creating OCPs.

“(This) is one of those things they do well. They understand the social aspects of resort communities,” Bremner added.

Bremner confirmed that the first opportunity for public input, a survey that can be completed on the municipality’s website, remains open. The municipality may offer further opportunities for input, including focus group sessions for students, business owners and others, if there’s sufficient interest from the community.

“Where the (community) will probably be able to get more involved . . . is where we take the (SSP) and start (on) the Official Community Plan.”

The municipality expects to have the plan finished by the summer of 2013.

For more information contact: 250-578-2020 or [email protected]