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Are you participating in Earth Hour?

 | March 10, 2011

Dear editor,

Earth Hour is upon us once again, and on Saturday, March 26 from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. over a billion people worldwide will be switching off their lights.

Last year, 50 per cent of Canadians reportedly participated in Earth Hour, strong evidence, I think, that Canadians are looking for action on climate change.

For even stronger evidence, look at the new poll conducted for the World Wildlife Federation which found that 84 per cent of Canadians are “as convinced or more convinced than last year that urgent action is necessary on climate change.”

Climate change is ultimately about how we produce and use energy. So switching from non-renewable to renewable energy as quickly as possible and finding ways conserve and use energy more efficiently are ultimately the keys to solving climate change.

Something to think about for an important hour on March 26.

Mike Taylor
Port Moody, B.C.