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Artist features mountains on custom painted mugs

 | August 18, 2020
 Brickwood’s mugs feature mountains with personal connections. Photo supplied

Morning coffee is getting an artistic upgrade with a Kamloops artist’s painted mugs. 
Annika Brickwood has painted on and off throughout her life. But when she and her partner converted a van to live and travel in this summer she took up the habit again to create custom mugs for their adventure.

“I wanted us to have a cute little mug that meant something to us that we could drink our coffee in and bring everywhere and could endure everything we threw at it,” she said.

A watercolour by Brickwood of the Three Sisters in Canmore, Alta. Photo supplied.

The landscapes painted on each mug were chosen for their personal meaning to the couple. Her mug features the Black Tusk in Garibaldi Provincial Park, a climb she completed with her dad. His mug is home to a painting of the Howser Towers in Bugaboo Provincial Park, with the sunlight highlighting his first climb in the Bugaboos. Each mug takes eight to ten hours of work spread over a few days to complete to ensure the acrylic paints dry between coats and are finished with a clear spray.

Brickwood said they’ve stood up well to their vanlife summer so far and that paint seems to stick best on metal mugs with a matte paint finish the best; brands like Yeti and Hydroflask offer good backgrounds for her work.

After sharing them on social media she generated significant interest and is now taking custom orders, she said.

“Everyone I’ve shown them to has been so stoked on them,” she said. “I thought it would be nice to share them and it would be a really fun project to get a bunch of pictures from people and hear little stories about why this place means something to them and why they want it on the mug. It’s really interesting and really special.”

For more information or to order a custom mug contact Brickwood on Instagram at @annikabrickwood or Facebook.

A watercolour painting from Brickwood. Photo supplied.