Avalanche reported in Sun Peaks’ slackcountry over the weekend

 | January 13, 2021

According to Avalanche Canada’s Mountain Information Network, a slab avalanche was observed not far outside the Sun Peaks boundary

A view of the Sun Peaks slack country. File Photo.

On Sunday, Jan. 10, a size 2.5 avalanche was observed below treeline on a southeast aspect in the Sun Peaks slackcountry, an area known to locals as Elevators.

The avalanche was reported at 3 p.m. Sunday and was estimated to have happened sometime between Saturday and Sunday morning.

No one was involved in the slide and it was assumed it was triggered naturally, according to the Avalanche Canada Mountain Information Network (MIN) report.

The MIN report also estimated the avalanche ran 150 metres, was 40 metres wide and was 150 centimetres thick.

The avalanche danger rating below treeline for this past weekend in the North Columbia region was ‘Moderate’ a rating that describes natural avalanches as unlikely but large avalanches in isolated areas still possible.

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