B.C. longboarders flock to Sun Peaks for unique event

Photo by Aidan Grether

Despite the chilly weather Saturday morning, over 50 longboard riders from all over B.C. took to the Mountain Cross Cart course, drifting and sliding their way down. The event was presented by Landyachtz Longboards and benefited the Kamloops Longboard Club and SP Skate Park Foundation. Riders were able to freeride all Saturday in preparation for the timed runs on Sunday.

Photo by Aidan Grether

Devlyn Dorfer, a student at the University of Victoria, was in attendance for his second year. He was especially impressed with the Sun Peaks track.

“It’s probably the most technical track in terms of amount of slides and amount of cornering you have to do. I could pretty confidently say I haven’t ridden anything like this, anywhere.”

Dorfer has been riding for about five years and has made it his goal to ride tracks all over B.C.

“I try to go to as many events as possible. Right now my focus is school, but I put a lot of time into this so it’s something I’d like to keep doing in the future.”

Devlyn Dorfer corners on the cross cart track / Aidan Grether

The event was produced by Lee Cation, who has been producing events all over B.C. for 10 years. Cation is aware of the challenges of hosting mountain events, and has noticed a trend of burnout in big races.

“I can think of countless independent, sort of grassroots events that give out after a few years of running.”

Cation referenced Test of Metal, a Squamish based mountain bike race that held it’s last event in 2016 after running for nearly over 20 years.

“I had to close the doors on two of my events this year, one that had been running for six years and one for nine years. The ‘big mountain race’ is very hard logistically to put on because there’s such a large playing field.”

There’s an additional challenge to hosting longboarding events.

“It’s not an official sport,” Cation said, and mentioned how ski races and snowboard events get additional help from official sporting  organizations.

Photo by Aidan Grether

Working with resorts can be another challenge to third party events.

“Resorts have their priorities, and we want to make sure we’re able to retain and operate our event. Sun Peaks has been great, and we’re excited to have similar numbers as last year.”

Photo by Aidan Grether

To Cation and other longboarding participants, Sun Peaks is an amazing location for these races.

“Having the lift there is amazing, usually we have to shut down the road, then shuttle the riders back to the top once everyone has gone through. The lift lets us run it as a loop and all the riders can get more turns in with less wait times.”