Bear-proof your property

 | May 26, 2011

Due to a rash of recently reported bear incidents in residential areas, Sun Peaks residents are advised to take extra precaution and bear-proof their homes.

Last night, a bear climbed onto a deck at The Peaks and tried to get into an outdoor freezer. Another bear walked into a Burfield home after the door was left ajar. In both cases, there were no garbage left outside the property that could have attracted the bears.

Due to a delayed spring, the hungry bears are trying to get to the easiest food sources, which are located in people’s homes. Residents are reminded to make sure their windows, garages and doors are locked as some habituated bears have let themselves into residences before. Secure any outdoor freezers with a strong lock to make sure the bears can’t get into the food. A bear never forgets an easy food source.

Most importantly, do not leave any attractants outside your property that may invite a bear into your neighbourhood. Dispose garbage at the transfer station. If it can’t be discarded right away, store them in a bear-proof container. Freeze food waste that can’t be disposed immediately to get rid of the smell.

If food sources in residential areas are completely eliminated, the bears may move on to natural food sources in the wild, making it easier and safer for everyone to live in bear country.

To report any concerns about wildlife, contact the RAPP line at 1-877-952-7277.