Beware of phone scams

 | November 26, 2009

Phone solicitors who operate under the name “Canadian Federal Police” are in no way associated with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and must not be entertained, cautioned local police.
Sgt. Scott Wilson said the RCMP does not conduct phone solicitation.
These scammers sell advertising over the phone to raise funds which they claim will be used to stop child pornography. The callers are also persistent and forceful at verbally persuading people to advertise in their “product”.
Appealing to people’s compassion is a time-proven technique that scammers use to deceive the public. Don’t let your generosity make you a victim. Never give out any personal or financial information over the phone. Always ask to have them send you information about the charity by mail and ask for their charitable tax number. Do a background check to see if these organizations are legitimate before making a donation. If you do decide to make a donation, it is safer to contact the charity directly.
You can go on the Canada Revenue Agency website to check for charities: or contact Phone Busters at 1-888-495-8501.