Get Out There

Beyond the chairlift

 | June 18, 2016



Keep the shoulder season blues at bay with these must see and do activities in
the area:

Cross country mountain biking: Though there are several trails to choose from, a personal favourite (mostly because the snow melts off of it fairly quickly, leaving a muddy, fun mess) is the Vista Trail loop. The trail takes about 20 to 30 minutes one way, is easy yet challenging in some areas to get the heart rate going, and offers a scenic view of Mt. Tod with the trail passing the 13th hole of the golf course.

Hike Mount Embleton: Just a quick 15 minute drive down Sun Peaks Road, this mountain offers many different hiking trails of medium to difficult levels, but the view at the top is worth it! Be sure to pack a lunch or some snacks to enjoy under the gazebo at the top. Remember, if you pack it in, pack it out!

Heffley Lake Recreation Site: Unofficially called the boat launch, this little lake is a great spot to cool down or have a picnic. If you know someone with a canoe, go for a paddle. It’s called the boat launch, after all.

Whitecroft Waterfall Hike: Just a quick 15 minute stroll from Whitecroft, the waterfall is raging this time of year.

Go Camping: With many lakes just an hour or two away, it’s easy to find a great camping spot. Adams Lake has great hiking trails and swimming, while Johnson Lake’s crystal clear waters are stunning. Though the water may resemble the warm beaches of the Caribbean, the water is actually quite cold!

Head out to McGillivray Lake: Relax and enjoy the sounds of nature on the dock. The lake may only be about a 20 minute drive, or a 50 minute bike ride, but the road can be covered with snow and mud until mid-June. Be sure to take a truck or an SUV or to walk your bike for part of the trip.

After a hike, bike, or whatever gets your heart rate going, enjoy a pint (or two) on a patio! One of the great things about Sun Peaks is the many patios to choose from. Hit Masa’s or Cahilty Creek for the early afternoon sunshine, or Bottoms’, Mantle’s, Bella Italia, Voyageur Bistro or Powder Hounds for the late afternoon and evening rays.