Black Beaver plans for local gym

Black BeaverPhysical trainers Hamish and Tori Charlton, the husband-and-wife team behind Black Beaver Strength Co. have big plans ahead for Sun Peaks — hoping to set up a CrossFit gym for the community before the year is out.

The pair have a long-standing relationship with Sun Peaks. Australian born Hamish spent three winters working for the sports school, and Tori grew up in Kamloops. After spending the past few years in Australia, they moved back to Sun Peaks last November.

With a lack of fitness equipment and space in Sun Peaks, the Charltons began putting together a home gym.

“We bought a set-up for ourselves and started working on a home gym. Working at ski school, we made a lot of friends who wanted somewhere to work out and we ended up buying more equipment,” Hamish said.

Both qualified personal trainers, the Charltons chose to specialize in CrossFit after having positive experiences with it.

“I started CrossFit about three years ago and I’d never go back to a normal gym workout,” Hamish said.

“You get so much more out of it. It targets all aspects of fitness: flexibility, agility, coordination and strength. It combines everything from gymnastics to pull ups, and the program changes around so you never get bored of it,” Hamish said. “Most of all, it gets results.”

While they’re currently offering one-on-one or small group CrossFit training sessions, they plan to expand their business even further, hoping to set up a local CrossFit gym.

“We see the need for the community to have something like this,” Tori said.

Hamish said they have a location lined up, and are currently putting together funding for the facility. If all goes to plan, they hope to have a gym up and running by September.

“We’ve had a lot of support around the community. Young people, business owners, and we’ve spoken to some people from the municipality too,” Hamish said.

Tori hoped it would also bolster the social scene in Sun Peaks as well: “Locals can come and train and workout together and get to know each other. It’s good for new people coming to town as well. It’s something different from just meeting at the bar.”

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