Bogus bills in circulation

 | February 28, 2013

$10 bill

Counterfeit bank notes are doing the rounds at Sun Peaks with some locals reporting fake Canadian $10 bills in circulation.

The bills are poor quality copies of paper $10 bills.

Bottoms Bar and Grill manager Nathan Cross said that one of his cooks received a $10 bill as change from another store at Sun Peaks.

“He asked me if it was counterfeit and to the best of my knowledge it was. (Bottoms) hasn’t seen one yet,” explained Cross.

Staff at the Bluebird Market confirmed seeing one in the store noting “it was an obvious difference” when compared to an original.

Another Sun Peaks employee described the counterfeit $10 bills as being faded at the bottom, and with Sir John A. MacDonald’s face too close to the top.

RCMP staff sergeant Doug Aird said that while it’s more common to see fake $20, $50 and $100 bills, people should be aware that fakes often aren’t very sophisticated and are easy to spot due to their inferiority.

“A lot of photocopying machines nowadays can actually copy old (paper) money,” said Aird, who added that counterfeiters often “photocopy the same bill over and over again, so you get the same serial number.”

Consumers and businesses should check security features, including the overall print quality, the holographic strip and the puzzle (or see-through) number.

“People need to feel the paper, feel the thickness and don’t be afraid to compare it to another bill. You don’t have to take the money if you don’t think it’s authentic.” Aird said.

The RCMP encourages people to contact them if they suspect bills are fakes, as passing counterfeit bills could have criminal implications, and the RCMP can help stop a potentially bigger problem.

To contact the RCMP, dial: 250-314-1800