Bottoms debuts new expansion

Bottoms’ kitchen has expanded to meet growing demand. Photo SPIN.

Coming into the winter season with a new look, Bottoms Bar & Grill will debut their completed renovations over opening weekend. For the past month crews have been completing an overhaul of the kitchen as well as a revamp of the  heated deck.

Owner Nathan Cross explained as the resort has been busier the establishment needed to build to meet increased demand.

“We had a kitchen that was probably one of the smallest ones out of all of Sun Peaks,” he said. “We needed to keep up and grow with the hill as well the heated patio. We just found it was a little underutilized with the really cold weather.”

By expanding the kitchen into the area known as “Bryn’s Corner” it will now be able to handle the extra patio seats, translating into a larger menu this season.

“I’m extremely happy about our kitchen and the new productivity we’ll be able to achieve there. And, Chef Connor, I’m really excited to have him operate out of a much better environment,” he said.

An outdoor patio area will be enclosed for more year round use. Photo SPIN

With a desire to see patrons utilize the heated deck year round, Cross added a glass enclosure allowing for full service year round.

“I know we’ll be the first people at Sun Peaks to offer anything like that, so I’m really excited to be at the forefront of that. It’s going to maintain a really nice deck feel to it lots of nice little subtle accents and lights. I’m really excited for the patio, I think people are really going to love it,” he stated.

The glass windows facing the Village Day Lodge can open allowing for a nice breeze to come through the space on warm summer days and still give guests the iconic views Bottoms is known for.

Bottoms will reopen for the season Friday, Nov. 16.