Bring on the mud, sweat and tears

 | June 15, 2012

Ready to test your metal in a race that’s one step past conventional? Event organizers are planning to launch the first ever Mudd, Sweat and Tears mud race at Sun Peaks Resort on August 11.

The 10 kilometre mud race, which includes a mix of natural features and constructed obstacles, is well suited to the Sun Peaks terrain, explains John Reed, president of Adventure Architects, the body which is organizing Mudd, Sweat and Tears.

“(This) 10 km mud run obstacle course is a mix of organic obstacles, as well as man-made obstacles we bring in such as quarter pipes and walls and mud pits and things like that,” he says. “We always try and blend the course into the best the site has to offer, and Sun Peaks has a ton of that.”

The event is hoping to attract 500 competitors for the steep, rugged and muddy scramble to the finish.
“There’ll be lots of elevation gain; there’s no such thing as lift riding, it’s all self powered.”

Would-be competitors are encouraged to get on the training program now. Reed recommends hill training, push ups, burpees, core strengthening, chin ups and crossfit.

“I’m sure there are some rabbits we’ll pull out of the hat,” says Reed, of the race launch. “We’re looking forward to it; it’s going to be a ton of fun.”

Registration for the event opens on Saturday, June 16 at Check out their facebook page at