Busiest spring on recent record


The 4,500 participants in 5K Foam Fest were a part of a very busy spring. - Photo Jamie Shinkewski
The 4,500 participants in 5K Foam Fest were a part of a very busy spring. – Photo Jamie Shinkewski

The momentum of a record-setting ski season continued past the closure of the chairlift as Sun Peaks experienced the busiest spring in recent memory.

As of June 17, ahead of the biggest event of the shoulder season, occupancy for May and June was pacing 15 per cent ahead of last year and well above any spring this decade.

“We’re trying to establish ourselves as a premiere four season resort so it’s nice to have a stronger spring season,” said Kyle Taylor, media relations specialist for Tourism Sun Peaks (TSP).

The busy spring was led largely in part by approximately 4,500 participants in 5K Foam Fest on June 18, the first of three years Sun Peaks is slated to host the fun run.

“We’re really excited about it strictly from an exposure standpoint because it brings the size and scope of that event and the market appeal that it has,” said Aidan Kelly, marketing and sales manager for Sun Peaks Resort LLP. “It brings thousands of people to Sun Peaks that otherwise wouldn’t have come to Sun Peaks, and that’s good news for us in the long term to be able to get them to come back.”

Expanded escorted tours, Skate Sun Peaks, Con Brio music festival and the continuously growing number of activities available also helped bring people to Sun Peaks throughout the spring.

“There’s no magic one big reason, there’s a lot of different small contributors that all add up which is a good safe place to be in from a growing destination,” said Colin Brost, director of market development for TSP.

“From Foam Fest to, if you look back into April, the mountain was open until April 10 this year. The mountain was open a little bit longer which gave us an extra eight or nine days in the beginning of April that helped. We hosted the Con Brio and the student music concert weekends in April and that’s significant growth. We’ve also seen a strong resurgence of the escorted tour market and we’re definitely capitalizing on that,” he said.

With the busy spring following a record ski season and a record-setting summer 2015, Brost said there is still a lot of room for improvement.

“As successful as it’s been over the last couple of years, and in particular this year, numbers are still low,” Brost said. “There’s tremendous room to grow and TSP and the other members are going to continue to foster that. We need to
be busier.”