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Photo Kyle James


A frame within a frame- it’s almost like the premise of “a dream within a dream” from the movie Inception.

Winter has arrived this month to give us a beautiful snowscape at the top of the Sunburst chairlift and after a slow start to the season it is a welcome sight. For a change, I decided to go up the lift without my snowboard to allow myself a bit more freedom with my camera gear. The plan was simple – see what I wouldn’t usually see if I was on my board. I enjoyed an hour or so wandering around up top, bumping (not literally) into friends enjoying the shred or teaching lessons whilst taking photos of the more subtle views and frames. After that hour my hands gave up; they were too cold to continue. So I took shelter in the Sunburst Lodge to warm up and freshen up my camera battery. During my rest there I noticed a bustle of activity with people heading back out after a break or coming in to warm up. This presented a great opportunity to take some more photos!

Anyway, let’s talk more about the “frame within a frame” idea. Each photo has its natural frame – the edge of the digital file or printed paper so to get an additional “frame” in there we need to find something to shoot through. In this example it’s the window of the Sunburst Lodge, but it can be anything at all. I have used trees, crowds of people, long grass…the list goes on. This is one of my favourite techniques to add depth to a photo or add a little bit more context to a shot. Try it yourself next time you’re taking a photo!

Kyle James is a photographer & filmmaker from Sun Peaks.
To see more of his work visit
Contact: [email protected]

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