Photo Kyle James


That first glimpse of winter is magical. The excitement around the village grows in anticipation of our favourite season. Visually it has been quite spectacular with sudden snow storms leaving a glorious coating of fresh powder on the autumn colours. I had to get out there with my camera to capture the special views.

On the morning of this photo I packed my camera bag and made my way out to the village as soon as the sun peeped over Mt. Morrissey. The visuals of that misty morning with fresh snow on the houses, trees and slopes made the subzero temperatures almost unnoticeable. I spent a good few hours wandering and taking advantage of the unpredictable bursts of sunlight. I was in awe of this preview of the winter wonderland that I love so much.

Finally, I warmed up at my favourite coffee shop and made my way home to my editing suite filled with excitement. Having been in Sun Peaks for four years now this session ignited my froth for the start of the winter season for obvious snowboarding reasons, but also because views like these are available daily, from almost anywhere in the village throughout winter. I am looking forward to making regular use of the trails for unique compositions.

If you want to recreate this photo or capture your own similar vibe here’s how: I shot this photo with my Sony A7iii and 85mm lens for that tight, compressed look. Timing was everything as the sun was hiding for a lot of the time I was out. As soon as the clouds peeled away enough I took my chance. I recommend finding an area of the village that gives you a clear view of the trees— quite easy since we have them on all sides. Once you have your photo it’s all you for editing— put your own style on it in editing apps for your phone (LD/Lightroom/Afterlight for example) and export!

Bonus tip: If you’re uploading to Instagram I would recommend a 5×4 portrait (vertical) crop. This allows your photo to take up the most space on the feed and meet the dimensions that Instagram favours.

Kyle James is a photographer & Filmmaker from Sun Peaks.
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