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sitski2After feeling the crowd’s energy at the Torch Relay Celebration in Kamloops yesterday, I still feel like jumping up and down while belting Black Eyed Peas’ “I Gotta Feeling”.

It was truly a unique experience to be caught up in the moment with thousands of people celebrating the Olympics. For a moment, let’s put aside any bitter attitude towards the event (i.e. opinion on Olympic spending or what-have-you) and try to support the athletes representing our country. After all, isn’t the Olympics also about celebrating the human spirit? The type of spirit embodied in each athlete who beats seemingly insurmountable odds deserves respect and recognition.

While I was out skiing this morning, my fellow skier Louisa noticed a skier using adaptive sports equipment going down Grannie Greene. Liz, our ski instructor informed her that the Adaptive Sports Awareness Festival is being held at the resort this week.

Olympians aren’t the only ones who possess a resilient human spirit.

I remember one person in particular from university. I don’t know his name but I used to see him often around campus and on the bus. He likes to engage anyone, whether friends or total strangers, in conversation. When he talked, it was his positive attitude about life that people noticed first about him. It was the first thing I noticed anyway, overshadowing (or maybe complementing) the fact that he was blind or had to depend on his guide dog to cross the street, something I can do so easily that I take it for granted. He doesn’t know it, but he has been an inspiration to me.

Maybe meeting some of B.C.’s best para-alpine athletes can inspire you too. The Adaptive Sports at Sun Peaks and the Disabled Skiers Association of B.C. are jointly hosting the Adaptive Snow Sports Awareness Festival in Sun Peaks which runs until Sunday, Jan. 31.

For tomorrow, there will be Guesstimation Race where the top three racers who finish closest to their estimated race time will win a prize.

Individuals can also participate in the Carving the Future Race Development Program.

If you’re planning to take your CADS instructor certification, training will be held on Friday and Saturday. Contact Dick Taylor at 250-372-7322 for CADS Certification courses.

There will also be a “Come and Try” day on Saturday for both able-bodied and disabled individuals to take adaptive sport equipment for a test run.

Last but certainly not least, the Western Canadian and B.C. Para-Alpine Championships will be held at the resort this weekend. If you’re looking for some action, this is the event to watch.

Come out and learn more about adaptive sports or maybe sign up to be a volunteer. For more information, contact Donna Kelleran (250) 578-2452 or Dick Taylor (250) 372-7322.

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