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Cheaper bus fares will drive traffic to Sun Peaks

 | February 26, 2011

Your paper is very informative and interesting and Sun Peaks is definitely growing; it’s been fun watching it grow and develop.

One thing that has been sadly lacking and is grossly overdue in the development of the area is a reliable and economical form of transportation between Kamloops and Sun Peaks. The present cost of minimum $47 one way is out of line.

One can travel to Vernon by bus for a mere $21 one way so in effect a return ticket is less than a one-way trip to Sun Peaks.

This became evident when trying to arrange a family dinner with some Sun Peaks residents and senior family from Kamloops who did not have transportation.

I have personally had visitors in Kamloops stop me and ask how to get to the mountain and know of people in the city who would enjoy a day trip or such to the Sun Peaks area or to functions there if the cost was not so prohibitive. Believe it or not, there are people, seniors included, who would enjoy a means to get to your area and spend time.

J. Delady, Kamloops, B.C.

Editor’s note: Canada West buses also offer rides to the mountain on weekends for $15 one way and $25 return. However, you raise a valid point. Cheaper bus fares may encourage more people to visit Sun Peaks.