Closer to the goal

I did four runs during my lesson last week. The more I ski, the more I realize that I’m no longer a beginner skier! It’s awesome!

As I sit in the office and witness yet another sporadic snowfall today, I realize that there’s literally just one week left to enjoy the snow on mountains.

I’m glad I gave skiing another try.

Admittedly, learning how to ski isn’t 100 per cent fun. Bruises and aching muscles are part of the package, as well as the occasional frustration, the painful process of conquering my fears and having to venture out of my comfort zone.

But there’s also the feeling of accomplishment and a sense of pride in mastering a new technique and exploring new heights (literally and figuratively). There’s exhilaration in gliding effortlessly on snow. From a vantage point that’s only accessible on skis, there’s the excitement of seeing Sun Peaks anew. When you fill your lungs with crisp mountain air, hear the sound of the skis against the snow, and feel the rush as you ski swiftly past the glades, you’ll understand exactly what makes skiers come back year after year. By spending time on the slopes this past winter, I understand it now.

But of course, the entire experience won’t be as much fun without all the wonderful people who made the season so much fun.

I’m glad Adam and Cathy gave me the necessary push when it comes to finding the motivation to actually get on the slopes. Before this experience, learning to ski wasn’t really a priority for me but was something that would be nice to do if I had the time. Well, my employers were so supportive that they actually gave me time each week not only to ski but to write about my experiences.

Kudos to the wonderful ski instructors at the Ski School (most of whom don’t realize that they’d be written about after the fact) whose stories and personalities gave me food for thought not just in skiing but, through the short conversations, about life in general. And of course, in their knowledge, patience, and support that made this island girl believe she can conquer the snowy slopes.

Last but not least were the other lovely people who I did lessons with or met on the chairlift or on the slopes. This also goes for those thoughtful strangers who didn’t hesitate to help and check if I was okay after taking a spill.

I’m happy to report that I’ve graduated from being a beginner skier to being able to ski intermediate blue runs. Just like what my ski instructor Ben said, I’m not doing badly at all. After a certain point in skiing, more improvement will come with the mileage on my skis. So with that thought in mind, (and while watching big fat snowflakes falling outside) I’ll try to rack up as much mileage in the next few days. And before the lifts close, I’ll be able to say with pride “Mission accomplished!”

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