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Community garden on the horizon

 | May 4, 2013

2012 Garden A healthy supply of fresh produce could be yours for years to come if a proposed community garden takes off.

Organizer and gardener Rebecca Advocaat said the idea was brought about by interest from the community.

“(I’ve been) talking to people and friends who live at Sun Peaks who were saying ‘I wish that I could grow my own food,’” explained Advocaat who’s been gardening for over 15 years.

Advocaat is calling on interested locals to contact her with their ideas on how the garden should operate and to help form a committee to oversee its operation.

“I’m definitely calling on people to help out. My idea for the community garden is to provide the space,” Advocaat said, adding that what happens next is up to those who want to use the garden.

The garden will be tentatively located at Advocaat’s residence on Upper Lewis Creek Road and planting must begin at the start of June.

For input please contact: [email protected]