Earth Issues

Cougar sightings reported at Sun Peaks

 | May 22, 2012

Cougars have been spotted in the vicinity of Burfield Heights at Sun Peaks. A large male has long been seen in that neighbourhood, but these recent reports are of a female and two cubs.

Although conflict between cougars and humans are extremely unlikely, the B.C. Ministry of Environment advises awareness as one’s best defence.

Cougars are most active at dusk and dawn. However, they’ll roam and hunt at any time of the day or night, and little is known about what provokes their attacks. They appear to be attracted to children, possibly because of their high-pitched voices, small size, and erratic movements.

If encountering a cougar, people are advised not to run, or turn their backs, but instead speak confidently to the animal, pick up children and attempt to look large. If a cougar behaves aggressively, arm yourself, and if it attacks, fight back.