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Country Fest offers a sizzling summer lineup

 | July 16, 2014

Country music fans unite — the first annual Country Music Fest is coming to Sun Peaks on July 19 and 20.

Three stages will be lit up with the sweet and soulful sounds of some of the best in Canadian country music. Canadian Idol finalists Jaydee Bixby and Karen-Lee Batten, award winning Whiskey Jane, and rising stars Me and Mae, Terence Jack, Kirsti Hack, and The River and The Road will perform 10 shows throughout the free concert weekend.

The main event for many concert-goers, however, will be seeing award-winning Canadian country music artist Aaron Lines hit the big stage Saturday, July 19 at 8 p.m.


Country Music

KF: You grew up in Fort McMurray, how did, and does, that influence your music?

AL: Growing up in Fort McMurray definitely influenced my music. I think mainly because when I grew up it was a small town with all the great things that go along with small towns — family oriented, everybody knew everyone else. All the people there really supported me when I was starting out and I think that’s something that is hard to get if you grow up in a big city. I think the other main influence on my music was my family.

KF: Is your family musical? How did you get involved in the industry?

AL: My family is not musical at all; no one even plays an instrument which is one reason I think I liked music so much as a kid. I grew up with a brother and two sisters and music was kinda my thing — I didn’t have to be competitive with them and my parents didn’t bug me to practice. They just let me enjoy it on my own terms which I think was a big deal for me as a kid.

KF: What does life as a musician look like for you – you were busy with lots of successes in the 00s, but haven’t released a new album in the last few years. Has life changed with kids?

AL: I had my first child 6 ½ years ago and almost immediately knew that music would take a back seat from that moment. Up until then I had been on the road a lot. I now have three kids, and although I still love music, 95 percent of my time these days is spent at home with them. I really just don’t want to miss anything as I always hear how fast the time goes and having a close relationship with them and my wife is my first priority these days.

That being said, I’m very lucky because music allows me to do that and I can be a little more choosy in terms of whether I want to go play certain shows. When I was asked to be a part of the Sun Peaks event it seemed like a great event and something that would be a lot of fun to be a part of, and I feel very lucky to be able to go do it. It’s gonna be a great time in a beautiful setting.

Anytime you’re asked to play a concert, I feel you’re blessed as a musician. There are so many people out there that wish they could play music for a living and I try not to forget how lucky I am. It feels really great that they asked me to be a part of the first annual.

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