Dirty Feet challenges bikers

Dirty Feet BikingMore than 30 eager competitors took to the cross-country biking trails around Mt. Morrisey for Dirty Feet’s annual Sun Peaks biking race on July 19.

Organizer Phil Hiom said he was delighted with this year’s event, which took riders on a 20 km loop. Starting outside the Village Day Lodge, riders worked hard early on with a sustained climb up Mt. Morrisey, before easing off with a mixture of forestry roads and single-track trails for the descent back to the village.

“It was really good. Everyone seemed to have a great time and the course was in good condition. It was fun,” Hiom said.

Many local racers put in a solid effort, with Cindie Hryhirchuk, Diane Clark and Dave McMahon all securing podium finishes in their categories.

The next Dirty Feet mountain bike race will take place near Kelowna on August 11.


Women: 20km: 1. Patricia Charles (Quebec) 1:24:15; 2. Cindie Hryhirchuk (Sun Peaks) 1:57.59; 3. Diane Clark (Sun Peaks) 2:00.25; 40km: 1. Maralee Pretorius (Kamloops) 3:28.46; 60km: 1. Sophie Wyser (Vancouver) 3:53.05; 2. Ellen Boelcke (Kelowna) 4:23.35.

Men: 20km: 1. Mike Renshaw (Kamloops) 1:17.18; 2. Dave McMahon (Sun Peaks) 1:17.35; 3. Chris Carr (Kamloops) 1:18.30; 40km: 1. Dylan Joyce (Chetwynd) 2:09.15; 2. Glen Buchanan (Cache Creek) 2:45.35; 3. Seth Joyce (Chetwynd) 2:50.15; 60km: Richard English (Salmon Arm) 3:03.15; Stephen Craig (Vancouver) 3:17.05; Warren Van Asten (Jasper) 3:29.20.