Do you know where your prescriptions come from?

 | November 20, 2012

Coming right up: Manshadi Pharmacy in Kamloops is the drive behind the availability of pharmaceuticals at the Sun Peaks Health Centre. Missagh Manshadi is pictured, left, with his staff.
The community services at Sun Peaks are expanding, and the Sun Peaks Health Centre is central in much of this development.

In addition to having a team of health-care providers on site in the municipality’s health clinic, the centre is able to offer pharmaceutical services to local residents and guests through its relationship with pharmacist Missagh Manshadi of Manshadi Pharmacy in downtown Kamloops.

“(Manshadi) is very accommodating to us,” says John Hatchett, president of the Sun Peaks Health Association. One service patients will immediately notice is their ability to pay for prescriptions by credit card at Sun Peaks while Manshadi’s downtown shop is open. A second noteworthy feature is Manshadi’s high level of customer service.

Manshadi supplies a lock-up of acute and emergency pharmaceuticals at the Sun Peaks centre, replenishing them as needed. As a compounding pharmacist, he’s also able to fill any other prescriptions needed at his downtown Kamloops location.

“Anything that requires immediate attention we have the medicine for in the Sun Peaks area—for anything that has to do with infection, injury, anything that requires acute care,” Manshadi explains. “For chronic conditions, we are a full-fledged compounding pharmacy.”

Manshadi was in contact with Marg Kosolofski, the health centre’s administrator, and was happy to take on the Sun Peaks responsibilities.

“We took it upon ourselves to start this service for the community of Sun Peaks. It’s been a bit of an uphill battle,” Manshadi admits. “We spend a large amount of time and energy on it to make sure that things are stocked, things are properly labelled, things are properly monitored through pharmacare and inventory is monitored and so forth.”

Manshadi hopes that as Sun Peaks grows he will be able to open a satellite pharmacy in the village. “The other reason (I do this) is basically to give back to the community,” he concludes. “This is not a very viable business for us, but we do it to serve the community of Sun Peaks.”

Manshadi Pharmacy is located at 477 St. Paul, on the corner of 5th Avenue in Kamloops.