Don’t drink and drive

 | December 16, 2012

The holiday season brings with it fun, parties and drinking. Residents are reminded not to drink drive, with only a couple of drinks likely to put you over the “warning” limit of 0.05.

Residents who need to travel after drinking should plan their way home by organizing a ride or a designated driver. Some Sun Peaks community members have been offering an informal operation red nose or a late night “taxi” service for those in need.

It’s been two years since British Columbia enacted tough drink driving laws which include immediate seizure of your driver’s licence and driving prohibitions from three to 90 days for blowing over 0.05.

The Ministry of Justice recently stated that since the new laws were introduced impaired driving has decreased significantly and an estimated 104 lives have been saved.

“More people are getting the message that it’s up to each of us to further road safety, by driving sober and following the rules of the road—and it’s paying off by saving lives,” said Shirley Bond, attorney general and minister of justice.

Other penalties for drink driving can be significant and include fines, impoundment of vehicles and ignition interlocks. The Ministry of Justice has said that penalties could cost a person anywhere from $600 to more than $4,000 in costs related to an offence.