Eco-depots and transfer stations limit accepted items

Photo Jilbert Ebrahimi

Thompson Nicola Regional District (TNRD) eco-depots and transfer station, including those in Heffley Creek and Sun Peaks, will be temporarily limiting which items are accepted. The change is in response to the growing COVID-19 pandemic.

Users are asked to only bring waste generated inside their homes, for example kitchen and bathroom waste, and to ensure bags are tightly closed.

“Please only bring in recycling from essential items such as paper, cardboard, and containers coming from the grocery stores or pharmacy,” read a release from the TNRD on March 24.

Customers are also being encouraged to limit trips as much as possible, pre-sort recycling, practice social distancing and limit interaction with attendants.

Access to sites may be limited to ensure spacing between users. Free disposal days, which usually take place in the spring, have been postponed at this time.

“This is not the time to load up your truck from a home renovation project or spring cleaning. We saw a large increase in customers over the weekend that seemed to be doing just that. Please hold onto these items until we return to normal operations,” said Ken Gillis, TNRD chair.

The Sun Peaks transfer station will switch to summer hours on April 1.

At this time users are asked not to bring the following items:

Construction or renovation waste
Yard waste
Used oil
Electronics and small appliances
Paint & other household hazardous waste
Scrap metal
Propane tanks
Mattresses & furniture
Clothing donations