Enough of this nonsense, RE: Gerald Allgaier’s column “Lessons from Socialism”

Dear Editor,
Only in a Sun Peaks paper would one find a grinning idiot right winger like Gerald Allgaier spouting his neo-con nonsense!
[In SPIN’s Vol. 8 Issue 7, he gave a] lame excuse for possibly the worst president in the U.S. history (and that’s up against some very stiff competition!).
Doesn’t he know it was George Bush Sr. who signed off on the absence of proper safety measure for deep water oil drilling?
Or trying to shift the terrible economy conditions in the U.S. onto the shoulders of Barack Obama.
Or kissing Stephen Harper’s ass! Allgaier shows his right-wing feelings right down the line!
Lessons from Socialism? Doesn’t this for-right fool realize that the Berlin Wall fell over 20 years ago?
Since that time, we’ve been subjected to the vagaries of so-called globalized ”Free Market” capitalism and it’s been a total disaster!
Whether it’s been NAFTA, CAFTA or NAFTAA or any of this free trade nonsense, it’s been a disaster!
However, one can’t expect someone from the fantasy kingdom of Sun Peaks who’s backwards enough to quote Margaret Thatcher to ever come to grips with the fact that his right wing world is a shambles-gold-clad façade. Just look at one example–Goldman  Sachs who set up bad mortgages to bet against them. No socialist would be that crooked or stupid!
But then the air at Sun Peaks is obviously devoid of oxygen. This is what produces the far-right nonsense of Gerald Allgaier!
Dennis Peacoch – Clearwater, B.C.

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