First World Cup final sees world record holders take top points

 | March 2, 2013

DSC_1044 First Speed Ski world cup final takes place at Sun Peaks

Sun Peaks, B.C. (March 2, 2013) – The first FIS Speed Ski World Cup finals have been won by the two fastest speed skiers on the planet despite high winds forcing racers to start from the three quarter mark of the track.

The women’s final was won by Swedish world record holder Sanna Tidstrand, 137.81 km/h, with Norwegian Liss-Anne Pettersen second, 136.97 km/h, and Swede Linda Baginski in third, 135.67 km/h.

After extremely close times were recorded in training and earlier races, the men’s speed ski final was anyone’s to win. Italian Simone Origone was unstoppable recording the two fastest times of the day, with his final run being 140.18 km/h. Austrian Klaus Schrottshammer came in second place, 138.14 km/h, with Sun Peaks veteran Kenny Dale bringing the house down after finishing in third place recording 137.98 km/h.

Just outside the top 10 in the men’s final was up and coming British Columbian Joss Advocaat who recorded the 11th fastest time in the men’s speed ski final and ninth fastest time in the semi-final.

The 18 year old high school student and Sun Peaks local began speed skiing after being inspired by his father.

“My dad did it a couple of times, he wasn’t very serious about it but it looked like fun so I thought I’d try it,” said Advocaat adding that his fastest time in his career so far was 152.46 km/h.

“I went my fastest in 2011. . . . I still haven’t beaten (my dad’s fastest) speed yet, that’s what I’m trying to do, that’s 153 km/h.”

Advocaat’s race times in the FIS Speed Ski World Cup event were made all the more impressive given he took up the sport at 15 years of age and rarely gets to train on a track.

“This is my third year (speed skiing) . . . . there’s not really much training you can do, because you’re not really supposed to tuck around the runs (at Sun Peaks). But other than that (you need to) just stay strong,” Advocaat said.

Despite being relatively new to the sport Advocaat is already showing others how it’s done.

“Last year . . . (me and my Dad) went up to Terrace (B.C), that was their first ever race and we showed them what speed skiing could be.”
As for the future, Advocaat is eyeing big things – speed skiing at other events on the World Cup calendar.

“I’d love to go to Europe (and speed ski), and hopefully in the next couple of years (it can happen).”

Sunday will mark the final day of FIS Speed Ski World Cup racing at Sun Peaks for 2013, with the second World Cup final taking place (subject to weather).

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