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Fish returns to Sun Peaks with inspirational tales

 | July 30, 2020

New book to be shared at local readings

Knapp-Fisher poses with his book. Photo supplied

Anyone who has spent time in Sun Peaks knows you can only stay away for so long, something David Knapp-Fisher is proving as he plans a return to the community after moving away 15 years ago. While Knapp-Fisher, or Fish as many long term locals know him, isn’t back for good, he will be sharing and celebrating the success of his recently published first book. 

The homecoming will see Knapp-Fisher read chapters from the book, titled Punch Failure in the Face, Then Buy it a Beer.

A high school drop-out who figured out life on his own, Knapp-Fisher ultimately led Bottom’s Bar & Grill in its early days, cementing it as the community staple it is today. After leaving in 2005 to care for family, Knapp-Fisher started a blog detailing his life experiences and lessons learned and took on more inspirational public speaking engagements. 

As his blog gained popularity he got the inspiration for a book, he said. 

“The more my blog was accepted I realized people really want to hear these kinds of stories, stories of how hard work, faith in yourself, taking opportunities, taking chances and really just having a vision and going forward anybody can achieve a life that they want, so it became the book. 

“It’s the same idea but I’ve become a much better writer. The original concepts, the original strategies and philosophy of the blog translated into the book.”

After being made available for sale on Amazon in May it has received only five star reviews. 

“If you look at the common thread running through the reviews they all say it’s like sitting down with David, having a beer and talking. And that was really my goal…the idea is life lessons imparted in a casual friendly way.” 

Readers will find it is chock full of easy to digest advice broken down into six key sections, such as finance or personal leadership, with a number of short chapters breaking down each section. Knapp-Fisher uses his own experiences and stories to relate to the reader and provides steps to take to make changes in their own life. 

“It’s very important that people know what to do with information…That’s the difference between motivation and inspiration. Motivation gets you excited but inspiration gets you inspired but then gives you something to do.”

He said the Sun Peaks event will be casual, the reading on August 6 at Voyageur Bistro, with a focus on reuniting with old friends and sharing some of the lessons he learned, some of which came from his time spent working in the resort. 

Tickets are limited to ensure proper physical distancing but each ticket includes a copy of the book and a beer. 

“The book is worth $25, that’s what I sell it for so it’s a good value. But the idea is just to bring together some old friends, celebrate a little bit and have a good time.”

With the book published and in readers’ hands Knapp-Fisher has no plans to slow down. While speaking engagements have slowed he’s planning to restart his blog and considering starting a podcast. 

For tickets to the event click here or to order the book click here.