For the love of dogs and the environment

SPSA making calendar to fundraise for We Day

Hala Kahiki is one of many Sun Peaks dogs. Photo submitted.

Sun Peaks Secondary Academy (SPSA) students are earning their way to the annual We Day conference in Vancouver. 

The total for all students to attend the event is $6,500, mostly for transportation and accommodations. A municipal grant gave $1,333 to the cause and students are hoping to raise $5,000 on their own. 

Instead of asking for cash donations students are creating a calendar of the dogs of Sun Peaks. Five dollars will get your dog in the collage-style calendar and they will be available for purchase early November. 

Nicole Shaw, 14, and Madi Adams, 17, are two of the students behind the project. 

Adams has attended the event multiple years and lit up when he described the experience. 

“It’s super overwhelming. There are so many people and strobe lights. Mark and Craig Keilburger open it and there are concerts, speakers and influencers,” she said. “You can meet with other school districts too.” 

Sarah McLauchlan and Kofi Annan are just two of the names to take the stage this year. 

The event, which takes place around the world, encourages students to help with causes they are passionate about on a local and global level. 

SPSA students decided their calendar will help with their fundraising but a portion of the proceeds will also be donated to plant trees in an effort to offset the project’s environmental impact. 

The calendar is the first step of a year-long campaign to combat climate change and learn more about what they can do. 

“I realized that climate change was a big thing a couple years back,” Adams said. “It really got brought to the forefront by Greta (Thunberg) as well recently. It’s really important to me that we live in such a beautiful place and we preserve it. Skiing is my passion and I want to be able to ski for as long as possible. If the snow goes, well where do my skis go?” 

Shaw agreed it was a concern for many students. 

“Global warming has been such a thing for so long but it’s kind of scary for younger people because we don’t know if we have a future here sometimes,” she said. “Actions are being taken but it’s not going fast enough and not enough of it’s happening. It’s kind of terrifying and it makes us all want to step up.” 

Dog photos can be sent to, e-transfers and cash are accepted as payment for a photo to be included. They will also be documenting their journey on Instagram at @SPSA4theenvironment or #spsafortheenivronment. 

Higher quality photos are best, themed photos can be submitted for specific months and a memorial page will be created as well. Photos must be submitted by Oct. 23.