Don’t lend your pass

 | January 1, 2010

An increase in fraudulent use of season’s passes at Sun Peaks Resort has prompted resort management to tighten ticket checking measures at the lifts.
Anyone caught using another person’s season’s pass will now be charged the price of a day’s lift ticket and may be subject to investigation by the RCMP. The offender’s name and other personal information will also be taken for the resort’s records.
The person that lent out a season’s pass will be penalized with a $250 charge according to the Condition of Care, part of the contractual agreement of a season’s pass purchase.
“In the past, we haven’t enforced the $250 charge,” said Anne Haight, Sun Peaks Resort Corporation’s director of sales and marketing. “We’re going to start enforcing that effective immediately.”
“We’ve caught around 30 (people so far),” she said. The resort has seen this type of illegal activity in the past, which usually occurs at the beginning of the season when some people haven’t purchased their passes yet. However, it’s an unusually high number for the resort, said Haight, considering the resort had only been open for a month and a half.
The corporation also has authority to take a person’s pass away according to their discretion and the number of offences.
“It makes it difficult for everybody—for the ticket checkers to have to tell somebody ‘You’re not the person’ and people they’re riding with. It causes undue stress,” explained Haight. “We’re here to make sure everybody has a good time. Everybody has to have a valid ticket or season’s pass.”