Earth Issues

Gear companies think, and act, green

 | February 17, 2012

With the whole world talking about environmental sustainability it’s no surprise that big snowboarding companies are focusing on manufacturing eco-friendly equipment. The big dogs, such as Burton, Von Zipper, Drake and Arbor have created entire lines with nature in mind, using components such as recycled materials and bamboo cores. Not a bad idea given that we use the Earth as our playground and we’d like to have fresh snow to ride on in years to come.

Burton’s Green Mountain Project uses recycled materials and Earth-friendly weatherproofing technology in a new line of outerwear. The goal is to create clothing that takes as little away from the environment as possible by preserving the Earth’s natural resources.

Similarly, Von Zipper’s Shift Into Neutral line of sunglasses and goggles uses a non-toxic, sustainable oil derived from the castor bean. Both companies are making slight changes that may not be as drastic as a complete company overhaul, but every little bit of eco-friendly awareness, and every effort, contributes to a brighter future.

Drake’s Hybrid bindings were also created with mother nature in mind. They use an eco-friendly, completely wooden high back, natural materials for the straps and non-toxic paint, making them a sophisticated combination of nature and technology.

One company that goes a step farther than the others is Arbor; the entire company revolves around environmental sustainability. Arbor uses renewable resources, such as bamboo, and harvesting techniques that are less invasive.

Scott Jansen, owner of 5Forty Ski-Board-Skate shop at Sun Peaks sells Arbor gear.

“They’re the most environmentally friendly snowboard company that (I’ve) ever dealt with,” he says. “Arbor’s an awesome company, they stand by their product and (their prices) are comparable to any other snowboard company.”

As we now have the option of buying environmentally conscious gear, we should be. We need a clean Earth, with snow, to ride and these companies are making changes and focusing on sustainability in order to protect the future of our planet’s ecosystems.

Both 5Forty and Southside Board Shop at Sun Peaks carry these environmentally conscious snowboard companies’ products, giving you the opportunity to make some choices with mother nature in mind.