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Giant hogweed concern

 | August 13, 2010

Dear Editor,

As you’re probably aware, the national media has been advising Canadians of the necessity to beware of coming into contact with giant hogweed, a very toxic plant.

During our visit to the alpine meadows at Sun Peaks last summer, I photographed a large plant which I now believe to be giant hogweed.

The stem of the plant bears the distinctive purple patches peculiar to giant hogweed. You may be aware that the plant is growing at Sun Peaks, but if not, I suggest you check it out and, if I am correct, make the general public aware of its presence.

Yours truly, Michael J. Hewitt

Editor’s Note: Cow parsnip, which grows readily in the Sun Peaks area, is often mistaken for its much larger and nasty lookalike giant hogweed. While they look similar, cow parsnip is not toxic and is actually edible.