Health centre launches online portal, booking, for patients

 | October 13, 2020
The portal allows patients to select appointment times online.

Patients of the Sun Peaks Community Health Centre now have a simpler way to book appointments. 

The Health Myself patient portal was launched Oct. 5 in an effort to make connecting with health care in Sun Peaks easier. 

Those who provided an email address when they registered as patients can sign up now; those who have yet to provide an email address may contact the clinic. Each person needs their own email address to register. 

Executive director Laura Bantock said though it took a lot of work to get off the ground, the portal will be good for both patients and clinic staff. She said the pandemic’s impact of forcing things online and having more staff work from home gave them the push. 

“We’ve really had to turn on a dime and actually be very nimble about sourcing through this and it hasn’t been easy. The Health Myself portal is for registered patients that can’t get through on the phone or they can make their own appointment and tell us why they’re coming in.” 

Patients will be able to select a date and time and provide information about the reason for the visit. Once a request is submitted clinic staff will approve the appointment and request any further information as needed, users will also receive an email confirming their appointment. Users will also be able to send photos through the portal or add information about their health concern in advance. 

“Our phones are extremely busy and being on hold is very frustrating. To me this is a great solution for those who are able to use the technology.” 

It will also provide an opportunity for direct communication between the clinic and patients. Bantock said patients began using the portal and booking appointments on day one. 

“We can broadcast to our patients, so if there is some major change we can push that information out.” 

A link to the portal is available on the clinic’s website here. Patients who have not supplied an email or received an invitation to register may contact the clinic.