Health Centre still a consideration

 | February 16, 2012

Almost one year after funding was struck down by the Province, Sun Peaks Municipal Council has organized a committee to research the design and costs associated with building a health centre in Sun Peaks.

The Municipality recently conducted a facilities survey and 82 per cent of the respondents indicated having a health centre in the community as a top priority. Once designs have been made and costs determined, council will conduct a referendum to determine whether or not to move forward with building the facility.

“Once we know the final design and price tag, we can go out to the community and ask ‘what do you want us to do,’” says Byron Johnson, Sun Peaks Resort Municipality’s chief administrative officer.

“If you want us to go get a provincial loan through municipal finance authority, we can build it. If you don’t want us to, we can wait for another government grant to come along and just hold everything in abeyance until such time.”

Funding for the design of the health centre will be split equally between the Municipality and the Sun Peaks Health Association.